Ayakashi Triangle Episode 4: The Melancholy Of The Ayakashi Medium! Release Date & More

Ayakashi Triangle Episode 4: The Melancholy Of The Ayakashi Medium! Release Date & More
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Jan 2023

Another exorcist ninja was introduced in the previous episode, who tried to kill Ayakashi king Shirogane. In the very beginning of the anime, Shirogane appeared as the biggest threat who wanted to devour Suzu. But the third episode's twist changed everything. Now Shirogane is helpless and needs to find a way to protect himself from the looming threat. But the plot twist quickly opened the door to a new mystery that will be explored in Ayakashi Triangle Episode 4. Let's see how things will move now.
The fourth episode will focus on Matsuri's brave move. He's trying to protect Suzu from Shirogane. But things will take a drastic turn. This is because other clan members will break into Suzu's place to kill the Ayakashi. Now, Matsuri needs to protect both of them. So that he can return to his normal form. But can he? Let's see!

Ayakashi Triangle Episode 4: What Will Happen Next?
After Ninokuro Soga attacks Shirogane, Matsuri learns that more exorcists may appear to kill Shirogane. This is because it is easier now to kill him when he can't transform back into his original form. But Matsuri needs to protect both Suzu and Shirogane in order to return to his original form. The upcoming episode, "The Melancholy Of The Ayakashi Medium," hints that Matsuri will become highly attentive from now.
?>Further, Shirogane will learn about more clans. However, during this, his bond with Suzu grows closer. Fans will also learn about this strange person introduced in the previous episode. It seems like the person is related to Matsuri's past. More flashbacks will likely be explored while Matsuri tries to save Shirogane from the Ayakashi medium.
A Quick Recap!
Previously in Ayakashi Triangle Episode 3, Suzu petted Shirogane and tried to make him her friend. However, he was into devouring her and tried to steal the scroll from Matsuri while asleep. But Suzu caught him in the middle and scolded him to behave like a good pet. But he responded that he wasn't a pet and would devour her once he returned to his original form. The following day, Suzu checked with Shirogane, who teased her, calling her lucky. Later Suzu's grandpa and Shirogane had a chat. The grandpa revealed that Matsuri had now taken over their family exorcist business, and he was left to watch idol videos and play games.
Later Shirogane complimented Matsuri's feminity, and fans saw some spicy moments. But Shirogane appeared surprised when Matsuri prepared food for him. However, it was terrible food, and a grumpy cat complained. Suzu tried to calm him down, but Shirogane reminded him that he would eat her soon. The third episode also focused on a flashback that revealed Matsuri was afraid of the ayakashi when he was a kid. But it was Suzu who helped him fight back against the mischievous ayakashi. At school, Ninokuro Soga tried to kill Shirogane and yelled at Matsuri's inability. But Matsuri helped Shirogane to escape.
Ayakashi Triangle Episode 4: Release Date
Ayakashi Triangle Episode 4 will air on January 31, 2023, at 1 am JST. The upcoming episode will explore how Matsuri deals with the looming threat while trying to protect Shirogane. The local Japanese audience can stream it on GYT, Tokyo MX, GTV, BS11, ytv, TV Aichi, and AT-X. Meanwhile, the global audience can stream it on Crunchyroll. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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