Kami-Tachi Ni Hirowareta Otoko 2 (By The Grace of Gods 2) Review- Another Charming Slice-of-Life Isekai

Kami-Tachi Ni Hirowareta Otoko 2 (By The Grace of Gods 2) Review- Another Charming Slice-of-Life Isekai

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winter anime season was filled with lots of great anime. We especially got a good handful of anime in the isekai genre. One anime we enjoyed this winter was Kami-Tachi Ni Hirowareta Otoko 2 (By The Grace of Gods 2).Based on the light novel of the same name, By The Grace of Gods 2 continues where the anime's first season left off. It continues the story of Ryoma's life in the new world. Whether it's studying slimes, expanding his laundry business, or even traveling and meeting new people, there is never a dull moment in Ryoma's life in his new home.

Ryoma's Charm and How He Lives His Life Is Still The Main Focus

Ever since the first season, one of the things that made By The Grace of Gods enjoyable was Ryoma himself. Although there were some aspects that we would like to be changed or disagreed on, one thing that we can agree on is that Ryoma and how he lived his life was the main charm point of the series. That same appeal from the first season of By The Grace of Gods is still prominent in the second season.By The Grace of Gods 2 was still focused on Ryoma and how he currently lives his life. Ryoma showed his charm throughout the second season, and just like the first, it carried the whole season. From researching slimes to fighting to running his business to interacting with new and old characters alike, the series has shown us many different sides of Ryoma, making him an enjoyable main character. If there is one thing that the series did not portray us, it's seeing Ryoma angry about something which we might not see for a good while or even at all.

Got A Bit More World Development With New Characters and Towns!

One thing that the second season provided us that is different from the first season was world development. Unlike the first season, Ryoma travels to a couple more places, meets new people, and learns more about the customs and items within the world. It mainly showed more characters who are descendants of people who reincarnated in the world and the achievements they made. It was a surprise that they made their version of an airport. Thanks to that, the second season provided more content on its world development than the first.

But Still, Focus On One Place

However, the second season has only given us a handful of content for its world development. As stated before, the series' primary focus is Ryoma and how he lives in the new world. Hence, the season mainly focuses on one place, with Ryoma occasionally traveling to another town to mainly check his second laundry shop. It provided little content for world-building or maybe even for the story if it's one of the things you are looking for in an anime. They might even give us only a handful of content per season if they decide to continue the series.Whether or not the second season has improved from the last season or not, though, may depend on what you are looking or hoping for in the series. But, for a slice-of-life anime that primarily focuses on its main character, this might be the best setting it can provide us without losing the quality or tone that this anime has given that many people enjoy.

Final Thoughts

[photo2] By The Grace of Gods 2 has left us with a happier, calmer vibe since the first season. We are glad the series has brought in more content about the world by introducing us to new towns and characters, even if it's a little. Doing so brought us a fresh take on the series without tiring us with just using the same town and familiar faces. Although it does not give us much information about the world he lives in, Ryoma's charms and how he lives his life in the new world more than make up for it.What does everyone think about the second season of By The Grace of Gods? Were you satisfied with the overall content or hoping to see more? Let us know in the comments below!
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