QuikTea Vegan Cardamom Instant Chai Tea Latte - 10 Count Single Box - Convenient, Easy Ayurvedic Dairy Free Alternative - All Natural Non GMO Superfood

Quik Tea


CHAI LATTE BENEFITS: the wonderfully aromatic and robust flavors of assam and darjeeling tea blends provide a boost to your health! these teas have been known to provide your body with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties to keep you at your best! ALL NATURAL: QuikTea prides itself on consistently providing ethically sourced, all-natural, preservative free tea made with simple, easy to understand ingredients! CARDAMOM BENEFITS: cardamom is a traditional intense Indian spice packed with numerous health benefits. CHAI WITHOUT THE HASSLE: QuikTea's products come in easy to use, all-in-one pouches designed with your convenience in mind! our pouches contain all you need for a perfect cup of chai or coffee, all you need to do is add hot water, stir and enjoy! ◊VEGAN◊: now offering vegan! whatever your life's journey may be, quiktea has you covered! our quiktea vegan line contains coconut milk powder, offering you a healthier vegan option and never compromising on taste!


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