Totally Reliable Delivery Service beginner's guide and tips

Totally Reliable Delivery Service beginner's guide and tips
May 2023

Totally Reliable Delivery Service Game Basics, Guides, and Tips available for a Beginner. Ace the game right from the beginning.


Hey there, are you a sucker for funny and enticing games? Then you have done a great job by choosing Totally Reliable Delivery Service as your gaming partner. We all must have wondered how delivery agents work to get our goods delivered. Won't it be interesting to put ourselves in their shoes for some time? This game will offer you that experience but with a twist. Let's dive in and get to know more about it.

About the Game

TRDS is a Ragdoll physics simulation game. It is developed by We're Five Game and issued by Tiny Build. The game got released in April 2020 for all types of gaming platforms like Play Station, Xbox, Epic Games, Android, Ios, Nintendo, etc. The game has racked up 14 Million plus downloads and is critically acclaimed. [photo1]Different Characters

Basic Gameplay

As we already mentioned, TRDS

is a Ragdoll physics simulation game. In this, the players will get to choose their avatar and personalize it by customizing its looks. This avatar will be the courier who is kind of terrible at package delivery. The player has to rightly play him pick up and deliver parcels to the appropriate locations. This may sound easy but the game hosts multiple missions which gets difficult and creative at each level but more fun nonetheless. This game is very funny and can be a stressbuster when played with multiplayer.

Here are Some Basic Tips to Follow

1 Understand the type of deliveries

Just like in the real life, there are three types of deliveries in this game, Standard Delivery, Fragile Delivery, and Red Hot Rush. As the names suggest, each of these deliveries will be challenging and will have perks based on it.

2 Know the Maps

Since this is a package delivery game, it is customary for you to know the maps and location details. There are totally 4 maps in this game that have 12 separate districts and 100 delivery locations that the player should be aware of.

3 Choose your vehicle wisely

This game hosts multiple vehicles to make it interesting. Players can choose any vehicle that suits them but there are a few important ones that are crucial to complete certain missions, they are Mules, Buggy, Pick-up Truck, Helicopter, Rocket Booster, and UFO.

4 Think out of the box and be creative

This game has attracted many not just because it is funny, but because it is also creative and challenging. Most missions will require thinking out of the box to complete them. It may involve you using a different vehicle, taking a shortcut, etc. Focus and have your eyes on the timer to come out with gold.[photo2]Total Records

Final Word

That's it folks, hope you got enough information on the Totally Reliable Delivery Service. You can simply download the game on Google Play and the App Store. Do check out the Mobile Gaming Hub website for the latest gaming news and guides, cheers!Also Read: Banana Kong 2 Beginner's Guide, Tips and Tricks